Updated Feb 27, 2024 by Peter Hagen.

Here are things that I want to work on, but for which haven't found the right collaborators or moment yet. Send me an email if you want to chat about something!

  1. Some way to connect people on the internet who want to work on the same things. I noticed that the best things in my life happened when met new people -- they made me realize what is possible and gave me the motivation to keep going. But local networks are quite limited unfortunately, and on social media you have to post regularly to get noticed.
  2. A maps app without labels that's not there to give you directions, but to help explore new places. Right now I'm imagining a 3D map that shows the different neighborhoods of a city. Maybe you could upload photos or add makers of things that you come across while walking around.
  3. A CRM for personal relationships that reminds you to stay in touch with the people you meet. The trick would be to automatically sync with your chat & emails so that you don’t have to manually enter information (which I always forget to do).